Friday, November 9, 2012

New Comes the Prophecies

Having been re-classified as "irrelevant" and "out of touch" by the majority of the electorate this week, the political dodo bird that is the Republican Party has wasted no time in telling us how we'll be sorry.  They're like the crazy ex, standing on the sidewalk at two in the morning, drunk, screaming up at your bedroom window, "they'll never love you like I do, you bitch!".

Yeesh, enough already.  Let it go.  There will be other elections, you know?

But rather than take what happened on Tuesday as an object lesson, a cautionary tale, an opportunity to learn from their mistakes, they want us to understand that it was our mistake, not theirs.  We screwed up.  They were right, and we were wrong.  And now we're going to pay for our folly.  They're predicting the end of everything good and sacred in America (if it's not gone already), massive inflation, another recession, double-digit unemployment, terrorist attacks, plagues of locusts, you name it. 

But before we sink too deeply into buyers' remorse, let's take a moment to consider their history when it comes to prophecies:
  • They also told us Iraq had WMD's.  Hans Blix and those inept U.N. weapons inspectors were wrong and we were right.  They had pictures and everything.  How'd that work out for us?
  • They told us Iraq would be a "slam dunk" and we'd be in and out of there in six weeks. 
  • They told us we would be greeted as liberators.
  • They received a memo on August 4 2001 entitled "Bin Laden Determined to Attack U.S." and said "no chance".
  • They told us that cutting taxes for the wealthy would spur economic growth and reduce unemployment.
  • They told us they could prove Obama was born in Kenya.
  • They predicted Romney would win in a landslide.
To be sure, Democrats make predictions that don't come true as well. We all do. But usually Democrats' failed prophecies don't get innocent Americans killed or cost us trillions of dollars.
So believe whatever you want, but before you buy into the Romney camp's Doomsday prophecy for America, ask yourself, is there any reason to take them seriously on anything?

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Tony said...

I get the feeling it's "Sunrise in America" (a Reagan term). Some people even said they are glad the world is ending this year because of the Mayan calendar. I big to differ. These are awesome times to be alive but a lot of work is needed to fix a government that looks too easily at current problems vs. future calamity. The debt. Climate change. Hunger in and out of the United States. The military industrial complex. And need I say more about money in politics or religion too?